What is this?

The following is a user guide for me and how I work. It captures what you can expect out of an average week working with me, how I like to work, how to get the most out of me. It is not a replacement for actually getting to know me!

This is a living document that will change as I learn more about myself and how we can best support each other.

I am interested in continually iterating and fine-tuning these beliefs. Constructive feedback is always welcome. If you see a conflict between this and my behaviour, please tell me!

My Job

I’m here to help and support you, to set the context for what you’re working on, to advocate for you and the teams with the rest of the company and externally.

I believe managers work for their direct reports. I will work for you by:

Because I am measured by our team’s ability to deliver valuable software to the business, it is in my best interest to provide the necessary context around your work and do whatever I can to help you grow as a human, engineer, and employee, in that order.

Process and Software Development

I strongly believe in putting people over processes and changing processes to accommodate our needs and goals. I’ve worked with and without Agile, with and without a form of Scrum. At the end of the day, within work settings, these are my values: